Apache ServiceComb Meetup -Shanghai 2018.10.12 Report (PPT Download)

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Apache ServiceComb Meetup

Three Apache experts from Apache Software Foundation (ASF) with ServiceComb Team host an Apache ServiceComb Meetup at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. (Shanghai, China) from 13:30-16:50 PM on Friday, October 12. According to the session, eight-speaker presents six topics about Interpretation of the Apache Way, Roadmap of the Apache ServiceComb, Exploration of Service Mesh Sharing, Hands-on Experience with Fast Microservices Programming, etc. About 50 participants attended the session on-site, and about 600 participants watched the session online. Meetings with an open, discussion-oriented atmosphere.

《The Apache Way》


Roman Shaposhnik, Justin Mclean, Craig Russell: The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is the world’s largest open source foundation with more than 300 open source projects, covering big data, cloud computing, servers and web frameworks, build management, content management, IoT, and more areas. Three experts from ASF will talk about the history and development of the ASF, its operation model, and will elaborate on the core ideas of the ASF – The Apache Way.This session will also cover the compliance rules and their meanings for Apache projects. And introduce the Apache Incubator project and its standard procedures. The presenter will talk about how open-source projects can develop into communities through the Apache Incubator project, and how these projects can eventually become top projects.


《Latest Roadmap of the Apache ServiceComb(incubating) Community》


Jiang Ning: This session will introduce the overall evolutionary roadmap of technology for the ServiceComb project and its latest development within the Apache Software Foundation.


《ServiceComb’s Exploration of Service Mesh》

Tian Xiaoliang: This session will introduce the efforts made by ServiceComb to stay compatible with the Service Mesh ecosystem. The presenter will talk about ServiceComb’s exploration into hybrid deployment and governance of non-intrusive microservices and those based on a traditional architecture.


《Practice Sharing: Hybrid Deployment of Service Mesh-based Microservices and Those Based on a Traditional Architecture》


Miao Yanjie: Harmonizing non-intrusive microservices (Service Mesh being a shining example) with those based on traditional architectures to enable hybrid deployment and collaborated governance is no easy task. By drawing on practices from his own industry, the presenter will talk about how to use ServiceComb and Mesher to enable hybrid microservices deployment using different architectures, problems encountered, and some solutions to them.


《Journey to Becoming an Apache Committer》


Feng Zheng: As a new PMC (Project Management Committee) member and committer to ServiceComb, the presenter will talk about his own experience participating in the ServiceComb project, lessons learned and achievements made. 5

《Hands-on Experience with Fast Microservices Programming》


Ju Zhen: The presenter will demonstrate how to use ServiceComb Java Chassis and Mesher of Service Mesh to quickly program microservices applications, and how to quickly deploy them by using Kubernetes. Audience can gain some hands-on experiences at the same time.


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