ServiceComb is hosted on Github, it has the following sub-projects:

Project Name Project Introduction Programming Language
servicecomb-java-chassis Java Microservice Framework(SDK) Java
servicecomb-service-center Service registration and discovery Golang
servicecomb-pack Distributed transaction schemes,support Saga and TCC Java
servicecomb-mesher Service Mesh implementation of ServiceComb Golang
servicecomb-kie Microsevice configure center Golang
servicecomb-toolkit A contract-based Microservice development toolkit Java
servicecomb-samples Microservice examples of ServiceComb Java
servicecomb-fence Apache ServiceComb security module for java-chassis Java
servicecomb-docs User manual CSS
servicecomb-website Website HTML
servicecomb-saga-actuator Centralized Saga Transaction Coordinator Archived Java

There are many ways to get involved in ServiceComb and contribute to it, e.g. submit codes, submit tests, tools improvements, document improvements. You can contribute to one or more interested projects. You can refer to the following guide about how to contribute to this community.

In the meanwhile, welcome to subscribe the ServiceComb mailing list to keep track of the development status of ServiceComb community and discuss with us.