Setup Developing Environment

Install required tools

Before you start, make sure you have the following tools installed:

Setup git

  1. Get a Github account. The ServiceComb projects is hosted on Github, so you will need a Github account. You can goto for signup. Skip this if you already own an Github account. You can login on after you finished the signup.

  2. Configure Git. Configure personal information and setup git for push without username/password. Configure personal information:

    git config --global <your-user-name>
    git config --global <your-email-address>

    Substitute <your-user-name>和<your-email-address> with your name and email. ReferGit push without username and passwordto setup pushing without username/password.

  3. Get the source code. For example, to get ServiceComb-Java-Chassis, execute the following command:

    git clone

Configure IDE

There are many Java IDEs around, like Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA and STS, etc. We suggest to use IntelliJ IDEA, it’s community edition is good enough for daily usage. After you installed IntelliJ IDEA, follow Initial Setup for basic configuration. For frequently used shortcuts, Cannot Miss Shortcuts

The Java Chassis and Saga project uses Google Code Style. You can find the settings file under etc directory which can be imported to IDEA. There is also a settings file for Eclipse under the same directory.

code style files

IntelliJ IDEA Configuration

Configure IntelliJ IDEA

  1. Open IntelliJ Settings page IntelliJ Settings

  2. Import the coding style settings file etc/intellij-java-google-style.xml import code style

  3. Open a modified but uncommited file, then Choose [Code] > [Show Reformat File Dialog] reformat file dialog

  4. Choose [Only VCS changed text], then click [Run] reformat options

Just run [Reformat code] (Ctrl+Alt+L) afterwards to format the code.

For more IntelliJ usages, please check IntelliJ tutorial