Microservice Meetup: Detailed Agenda of Apache ServiceComb (incubating) Day

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Apache ServiceComb (incubating) Day

The microservice open source project - Apache ServiceComb (incubating) will host a Open Day Meetup at the China National Convention Center (Beijing, China) from 11.00am to 17.30pm on Wednesday, June 27th.

The Open Day will focus on the following aspects and discuss the technology and direction of microservices with enterprises, users and developers.

- Interpretation of the Apache community

- Business Microservices Commercial Case Sharing

- Overview of ServiceComb Community and Technology Sharing

- Domain-Driven Design (DDD) in Microservices

Event Date/Time: Wednesday, June 27, 2018, 11:00 – 17:30

Event Location: Room 211, China National Convention Center, Beijing, China

Event Cost: Complimentary, go up to the Room 211 using the elevators to level 2.

About Apache ServiceComb (incubating) project:

The main code of the Apache ServiceComb (incubating) Project was donated by Huawei Cloud. The project is dedicated to help enterprises easily build cloud native applications and help build microservices from traditional enterprise business. By providing a series of solutions, Apache ServiceComb (incubating) helps users to develop microservices quickly and operate maintenance efficiently of these microservices applications, with a full microservices technology stack, without vendor lock-in. Currently, ServiceComb is following the “Apache Way”. It is used in HUAWEI businesses such as Consumer Cloud, Cloud EI, Cloud Security, Cloud Core Network, also popular in non-HUAWEI users, such as iSoftStone, pactera, hulingwulian Technology, ceewa, medsci, Hang Ling Technology, Gaomaizhiyuan Technology, etc. The developers are also increasingly diversified.

This is a free Open Meetup organized by the Apache ServiceComb (incubating) community and sponsored by Huawei Cloud. We have invited several experts and engineers from commercial enterprises, Apache Foundation, ServiceComb community and HUAWEI to share their experiences. Detailed agenda as follows:

How Apache Works

Time: 1100-1200

Speaker: Jean-Baptiste Onofré; Apache Member, fellow of Talend, who started work on the Apache Software Foundation in 2004, and PMC member of 20+ Apache projects such as Karaf, Camel, and Carbondata.


In-depth interpretation of the world’s largest open source software foundation – Apache Software Foundation. Introduce what is the “Apache Way” and its attraction, the whole process from open source to incubation and then graduated combined with actual project. Besides, it will introduce the current incubating status of ServiceComb.

ServiceComb Roadmap

Time: 1330-1345

Speaker: Jiang Ning, Apache Member, Huawei Opensource Expert.


Introduce Vision, current status, technology Roadmap and community activities of Apache ServiceComb (incubating) community.

How Smart City Microserviced Based on ServiceComb from iSoftStone

Time: 1345-1415

Speaker: Bao Yongwei; VP of iSoftStone Smart City Business, focusing on implementation and innovations in smart city related to cloud computing and big data.


iSoftStone Smart City Business involves a large number of systems with complex interactions. During the process of microservices implementation, it faced inappropriate microservices granularity, high code duplication rate, and difficulty in deployment of large application microservices. This speech will introduce how iSoftStone use ServiceComb, especially ServiceComb’s Swagger API, to resolve the pain points of microservices process, enable interoperability and decoupled chimney systems to meet the challenges of microservices diversity in smart city.

Detailed Introduction of Java SDK and Service  Center

Time: 1415-1445

Speaker: Wu Jiminm,  Apache ServiceComb (incubating) PPMC, Original Author of Huawei Cloud Service Engine


Introduce technical details of Java SDK and Service  Center from ServiceComb.

Millions Users Solution Based on ServiceComb Microservices from Huawei Consumer Cloud

Time: 1445-1515

Speaker: Li Linfeng, microservices architect for Huawei’s Consumer Cloud application market, who has years of experience in designing and developing platform middleware, cloud platforms, and microservices. Author of “Netty authoritative guide” and “The principle and practice of distributed service framework”.


Huawei Consumer Cloud services provide high-quality cloud services for hundreds of millions of Huawei end users in more than 100 countries. In order to support the rapid development of the business, it is necessary to drive delivery of value requirements efficiently and agilely through the microservices architecture. By using SpringMVC and transparent RPC development model from ServiceComb, the existing business code can be migrated to the new microservices architecture at a low cost. Besides, the business implements full-stack asynchronous transformation using the Reactive asynchronous programming model from ServiceComb. Compared with the traditional synchronous blocking service call, the performance is improved several times, but the resource loss is greatly reduced. More practical cases will be shown on this topic.

Domain Driven Design (DDD) in Microservices

Time: 1525-1555

Speaker: Wang Lei, pioneer of microservices in China, author of “Microservices Architecture and Practice”, Huawei Microservices Expert, and former ThoughtWorks Chief Consultant.


As a new architecture style, microservice has been widely adopted by the industry. It has become a fulfillment tool for the concept of DDD-driven design. This topic shares how to practice microservice with Domain Driven Design philosophy friendly.

Detailed Introduction of Transaction Consistency Solution from ServiceComb-Saga

Time: 1555-1625

Speaker: Jiang Ning Apache Member, Huawei Opensource Expert.


Share ServiceComb’s distributed transaction Saga solution and best practices.

Thinking about ServiceMesh in ServiceComb

Time: 1625-1730

Speaker: Tian Xiaoliang, Architect in Service Mesh from Huawei Cloud.


Share ServiceComb’s latest thinking on Service Mesh, and ServiceMesh’s practice in Huawei Cloud.

If you want to freely visit the LC3 booth except attending the meet up , please go to our Gitter to inquire:
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