Release Notes

    Release Notes - Apache ServiceComb - Version service-center-1.1.0


  • [SCB-744] - Wrong error code returned in Find API
  • [SCB-851] - Can not get providers if consumer have * dependency rule
  • [SCB-857] - Provider rule of consumer can not be removed
  • [SCB-863] - build script for docker image gives an error
  • [SCB-890] - Lost changed event when bootstrap with embedded etcd
  • [SCB-912] - rest client still verify peer host when verifyPeer flag set false
  • [SCB-924] - Etcd cacher should re-list etcd in fixed time interval
  • [SCB-927] - The latest Lager is not compatible
  • [SCB-929] - Concurrent error in update resource APIs
  • [SCB-930] - Service Center Frontend stops responding in Schema test if Schema has '\"' character in the description
  • [SCB-934] - Get all dependency rules will panic
  • [SCB-938] - Should check self presevation max ttl
  • [SCB-951] - Wrong help information in scctl
  • [SCB-958] - The instance delete event delay more than 2s
  • [SCB-977] - Dependencies will not be updated in 5min when micro service is changed
  • [SCB-980] - The dependency will be broken when commit etcd failed
  • [SCB-981] - Can not remove the microservice and instance properties
  • [SCB-991] - Optimize args parsing
  • [SCB-993] - Bug fixes
  • [SCB-994] - SC can not read the context when client using grpc api
  • [SCB-1027] - Fix the core dump in SC which compiled with go1.10+

New Feature

  • [SCB-815] - Support deploy in Kubernetes
  • [SCB-850] - Support discover instances from kubernetes cluster
  • [SCB-869] - SC cli tool
  • [SCB-902] - Support service discovery by Service Mesh
  • [SCB-914] - Support using scctl to download schemas
  • [SCB-941] - Support multiple datacenter deployment
  • [SCB-949] - Support access distinct kubernetes clusters


  • [SCB-418] - How to deploy a SC cluster in container environment
  • [SCB-435] - Add plugin document in ServiceCenter
  • [SCB-792] - More abundant metrics information
  • [SCB-796] - Update the paas-lager package
  • [SCB-797] - More information in dump API
  • [SCB-807] - Limit the topology view to only 100 microservices.
  • [SCB-808] - Aut-refresh the dashboard and service-list page every 10sec
  • [SCB-809] - Verify the chinese version of the UI as all chinese text was translated using Google Translate
  • [SCB-816] - Update the protobuf version to 1.0.0
  • [SCB-840] - Support configable limit in buildin quota plugin
  • [SCB-844] - Update golang version to 1.9.2
  • [SCB-848] - Uses zap to replace the paas-lager
  • [SCB-862] - Using different environment variables in image
  • [SCB-892] - output plugins configs in version api
  • [SCB-899] - Support go1.11 module maintaining
  • [SCB-901] - Making service registration api idempotent
  • [SCB-937] - Customizable tracing sample rate
  • [SCB-953] - Support sync distinct Kubernetes service types to service-center
  • [SCB-978] - Fix translation issues for Chinese Locale on First Load
  • [SCB-983] - Output the QPS per domain
  • [SCB-984] - Add Health Check command
  • [SCB-1015] - Support the forth microservice version number registration


  • [SCB-720] - Show the instance statistics in Dashboard and Instance List in Side Menu
  • [SCB-973] - TLP graduation tasks
  • [SCB-1016] - Change git repo name
  • [SCB-1028] - Prepare 1.1.0 Service-Center Release
  • [SCB-1033] - Update license for Service-Center
    Release Notes - Apache ServiceComb - Version Service-Center-1.0.0

New Features/Improvements:

  • Make ETCD connection more Resilient
  • Make ETCD request timeout configurable
  • Support TLS Plugin
  • Optimize Governance API for Searching Schema
  • Optimize Find Instance API
  • Use glide for dependency management
  • Add release binaries for MacOS
  • Add Toplogy View and Instance View in UI


  • Fix connection leak in etcd
  • Fix Lose of events in some scenarios
  • Fix Cache mismatch.
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    Release Notes - Apache ServiceComb - Version Service-Center-1.0.0-m2

API Changes :

  • Governance API also returns self microservice information.
  • Governance API should not show the shared microservices information.
  • Support batch delete in registry.
  • Change the type of force query parameter to bool in delete api.

New Features/Improvements:

  • Support Async Rest Template.
  • Support of Testing Schema from frontend.
  • Support log rotation.
  • Support ipv6.
  • Static data return instanceCount by domain.
  • Convenient store extension.
  • Retry the connection to etcd in-case of failure.
  • Show proper error details in frontend.
  • Support Default TLS Cipher Suites.
  • Proxy Frontend request to Service-Center.
  • Use bower to resolve the dependency of frontend.
  • Add registry server HC mechanism.


  • Fix issue of filter instance using service-tags.
  • Fix re-creation of tracing file.
  • Fix SC cannot check duplicate endpoints when registered with etcd.
  • Fix wrong parentId in tracing data.
  • Fix wrong log print in update Instance.
  • Fix null pointer reference in zipkin plugin.
  • Fix delete service should delete dependency key.
  • Fix cache does not match with etcd store.
  • Fix remove the backup log files which are expired.
  • Fix typos in response of schema api’s.
  • Fix incorrect metric label value.
  • Fix register instance withe same id will create redundant endpoints.
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    Release Notes - Apache ServiceComb - Version Service-Center-1.0.0-m1

API Changes :

  • Added new API to get All Schema List.
  • Add Service statistics in the Governance API.
  • Add Self-microservice information in the Governance API.

New Features/Improvements:

  • Support discovery of SC instances by Consumer micro-service.
  • Event driven implementation for dependency rules.
  • Make compact interval configurable and avoid defragmentation of the database when compacted.
  • Update the default quota’s limit of service/instance count.
  • Update black-list rule controls in discovery.

Metrics :

  • Added support for Prometheus metrics exposure.
  • Added templates for Grafana Dashboard.


  • Optimized Restful clients and plugins loader.
  • Optimized Service-Count calculation rule.
  • Use CDN for resolving all the dependencies of frontend.


  • Fix panic issue while deleting instance and invalid metrics request.
  • Fix modify schema response issue and heart-beat failure when etcd has no leader.
  • Fix batch delete api to exempt from unregistering service-center microservice.
  • Fix watcher wrong event sequence when SC modify resource concurrently
  • Fix discovery of default APP services in Shared service mode