ServiceComb Toolkit Release Notes

    Release Notes - Apache ServiceComb - Version toolkit-0.1.0

New and Noteworthy

  • Extract the microservice project, OpenAPI contract file and document from the code
  • Generate the microservice project and document from contract
  • Contract verify


  • [SCB-1358] - the issue of invalid naming of generated contract files
  • [SCB-1359] - the issue of generating document failure
  • [SCB-1360] - the issue of verifying contract file is not correct
  • [SCB-1361] - optimize toolkit user experience
  • [SCB-1412] - some redudent folder generated after running test
  • [SCB-1456] - Fix the plugin bug that throws some exception when specifying configuration property contractLocation as a file


  • [SCB-1383] - support toolkit maven plugin commands that generating code
  • [SCB-1384] - refact the code to optimize user experience
  • [SCB-1428] - Improve toolkit-maven-plugin test to make it running is not dependent by maven plugin
  • [SCB-1444] - support to generate mutiple modules in the same project


  • [SCB-1315] - IP clearance for ServiceComb Toolkit
  • [SCB-1329] - Cleanup unclear license dependencies
  • [SCB-1334] - Enable the Travis CI of the servicecomb-toolkit
  • [SCB-1351] - Some issues about using toolkit plugin
  • [SCB-1363] - update licenses and notice
  • [SCB-1400] - Complement and improve unit test
  • [SCB-1422] - optimize classmaker
  • [SCB-1426] - Support for configuring the toolkit maven plugin in the parent pom
  • [SCB-1433] - Remove unit test for constant
  • [SCB-1436] - Model is not generated, but the related package is imported
  • [SCB-1447] - Add samples
  • [SCB-1452] - update README
  • [SCB-1454] - The modules tag is not generated in the pom file when using cli
  • [SCB-1455] - Adjust the directory where the document is generated
  • [SCB-1458] - add settings for distribution
  • [SCB-1459] - Add information about the release
  • [SCB-1460] - Skip the deployment of samples and it
  • [SCB-1463] - Optimize samples readme